Kavanaugh Bros Ltd. is a northern-owned and operated business providing the City of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and surrounding areas, with garbage collection and vacuum truck sewage removal service for over 50 years.

We are a full-service company offering the following:

  • Commercial waste bin and recycling bin supply, maintenance and services
  • Residential waste and organic collection and vacuum truck services
  • Construction waste and recycling roll-off container supply and services
  • Commercial vacuum truck services, including emergency response
  • Portable washrooms, wash cars, sewage tank supply, and service
  • Development of customized waste management and recycling programs, complete with collections services

Contact us to find out how we can supply the equipment and manpower for all your waste collection and removal requirements on your site.

What’s New

Kavanaugh Bros Ltd. is dedicated to waste diversion. We specialize in creating customized recycling and waste management programs for our clients. Examples of current initiatives include:

Creating Waste Diversion Habits

Restaurant Waste Management Yellowknife

In the Spring of 2018, we were excited to work with the owners of a newly established local restaurant to meet their recycling, compost and solid waste needs. By providing separate compost, cardboard and mixed solid waste bins, and sorting information, we were able to assist the restaurant owners in ensuring their staff began recycling and composting from day one of opening, creating positive recycling and compost habits that result in waste diversion.

Program Management

In the winter of 2018, we began working with the owner of a local office tower to create a recycling, compost, and waste identification program for their facilities. Our services include providing proper bins and signage and scheduled recycling, compost, and solid waste collection. We applaud this organization for taking the lead on promoting waste diversion and recycling in Yellowknife. We look forward to expanding this program to other office towers, businesses, schools and organizations in our City. If you are a champion of waste diversion, please contact us to find out how we can create a customized solution for you.

Community Involvement

Kavanaugh Bros. Ltd. is a champion supporter of many community-minded and not-for-profit events in our City. As a northern-owned and operated family business, we focus our donations on programs that support the youth, children, and elders of Yellowknife and our surrounding area. For example: in recognition of our 50th Anniversary, we chose to celebrate by providing $7,500 to KidSport NWT over 3-years. We are also an annual sponsor/supporter of YK Minor Hockey, YK Minor Softball, the NWT Disabilities Council, Folk on The Rocks, the Long John Jamboree, Aboriginal Day and other community-focused events. Chances are, if you’re having a good time at an event in Yellowknife, you’ll find our logo there recognizing our community involvement.

Contact us with inquiries about our community involvement.

Committed to Safety

Kavanaugh Bros. demands that the highest standards in health, safety and environmental protection are met by all persons involved in our day to day operation.

Through employee orientation, education, training, incident investigation and equipment maintenance, our management and staff are prepared and held accountable to ensure that they are working in a safe and secure work environment. As a member of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), we continue to expand our knowledge and stay on top of regulation, policy and technological changes in the solid waste and recycling industries across North America. Kavanaugh has recently upgraded the Safety Management System to facilitate continuing compliance with the ever-changing waste management industry.

We are also committed to the protection of the environment in our day to day operations. Our staff plays a key role in educating the public as to acceptable disposal of hazardous waste as well as ensuring compliance with regulations. Management continues to take a proactive role to develop policies and procedures that meet or exceed current legislation and bylaws.

Kavanaugh’s preventative maintenance program help to eliminate equipment failure and the associated risks to personnel and the environment. Our staff plays a large role in the daily inspection and upkeep of our fleet. Trained in-house personnel ensure exacting maintenance is performed when or before it is required. Our commitment to Northern Business give us a network of local professionals available at all times for routine equipment maintenance and special repairs.