Wood Chipping

Northwest Territories Wood Chipper Rentals

In 2019, Kavanaugh applied for funding under the GNWT Department of Industry Tourism and Investment SEED funding program for the purchase of a wood chipper that would be able to process existing brush and clean wood piles at the Yellowknife Solid Waste Facility. The chipping of this existing landfilled wood provides the much-needed coarse amendment that is required to create free air space and passive aeration needed for the existing compost pile at the SWF. In the past, the City needed to purchase coarse amendment elsewhere; but with the wood chipper producing it right on site, using waste wood, it provides an excellent cost savings and waste diversion tactic all in one.

Kavanaugh continues to process clean wood at the solid waste facility, and our own location at 101 Merlin Rd. The Woodchipper is a mobile unit that can also be brought to other community landfills to create woodchips for their compost programs, mulch, or even to create fuel source initiatives.

We are working with our business partners to further explore the use of woodchips in biomass energy. Stay tuned!