Residential Services

Kavanagh Bros has proudly been providing the City of Yellowknife with scheduled garbage collection and vacuum truck sewage removal for over 50 years. We are pleased to say that we have never missed a collection day!

Waste Collection

The City of Yellowknife operates a two-cart waste system for single-family dwellings in residential areas as part of the Curbside Cart Program. Black Carts (240L) are used for mixed garbage and Green Carts (120L) are used for organic waste. Find out more about the Curbside Cart Program on The City of Yellowknife website.

Service Map

Waste Collection FAQ

What goes in the compost bin?

The following items are compostable: food waste, yard waste, and food-soiled paper. For more information visit the City of Yellowknife website.

Is there anything not allowed in my residential garbage?

The following items are not allowed in your cart: animal waste, carcasses, metal, small appliances, yard waste, batteries, tires, furniture, carpet, construction material, oil, hazardous waste and fluorescent light bulbs.

How much garbage can I put out?

According to the City of Yellowknife, residential carts can be filled completely, to the point that the lid can still close securely.


Sewage Removal

Due to our northern climate and location on the Canadian Shield, several areas in and around the City of Yellowknife do not have piped services for water and sewer. To meet these distinct circumstances, we provide multiple City and surrounding area residences with vacuum truck sewage removal on a scheduled frequency. For more information on municipal sewage removal, please refer to the City of Yellowknife website.

Service Schedule

Contact the City of Yellowknife to be added to the sewage collection schedule. Should you require additional sewage removal beyond the scheduled service, or after-hours emergency services, please contact us by calling 873-2811.

Sewage Removal FAQ

How can I help the drivers?

Please help keep the access to the sewage connection clear of snow, animal droppings, and other obstacles.

Where do I purchase a sewage pump out fitting?

Pump out fittings are available at the Kavanaugh Office located at 341 Old Airport Road. They come in two sizes: 3” and 4” so you’ll need to check the thread size of your pipe before coming to our office.

What do I do if my pipes are frozen?

Contact a local steaming company and have your sewage line steamed clear of the ice blockage.

What does it mean if the driver left me a door tag?

This generally means that there is an issue of some sort with your sewage pump out system. Read the tag carefully. The tag will tell you what the issue is. If you have additional questions, give us a call 873-2811.

Why is my water turned off when my sewage tank is full?

It is plumbing code to shut off your water when your sewage tank is full to prevent over flowing or sewage backup in your house.

Why does my house smell after the sewer truck comes by?

In the winter, the plumbing vents of your house can freeze over with frost. As a result, when the sewer truck empties the sewage tank, the traps of your plumbing get emptied, as the tank does not have adequate ventilation. The smell you are experiencing is coming from your sewage tank and you can smell it because these traps are emptied. To remedy this, run water to fill those traps at each drain (sink, toilet, washing machine, bathtub, shower etc.) A plumbing company or contractor can help you devise a system to keep your plumbing vents clear of frost and ice to avoid this situation in the future.